Every great project starts with an in-depth understanding of your individual requirements. We will look at the space in which you wish to install your cinema, explain the options available to you and develop this into a tailored presentation document including technical calculations, drawings and visual renderings enabling you to be able to clearly picture your new cinema. Nothing is left to chance.

Our projects range from modest occasional use systems to multi-use media rooms and fully immersive theatre installations. Our experienced design and installation team has the specialist knowledge required to bring the ultimate cinema experience to your personal environment; and our aftercare team will keep the systems updated and running at peak performance into the future.

Over many years we have built up an alliance with a group of the finest designers, craftsmen and construction teams to allow us to take on full responsibility of a project. Offering a turn-key solution provides us with the control to deliver the best quality across the scheme and to retain the focus on the function of the space – to deliver the finest cinema experience available. So whether you need us simply to coordinate with your team or wish to have a complete, one-stop solution we are able to help you at every step along the way.